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Honjo and Yuki were on a business trip together, and she told him that they could share a room, but the rooms had to be separated. Because it was too crowded, Yuki booked only one room for two people without asking her opinion. Since Honjo did not consider Yuki a man, she let this matter go. When talking to Yuki, she discovered that he was still a virgin so she teased him. This makes Yuki even more upset. When Honjo was drunk, Yuki, who used to work as a massage therapist, came to massage her. Looking at Honjo's beautiful body and the fact that Honjo just didn't consider him a man, Yuki decided to show Honjo what a man is. He held her down and made love to her all night long, ejaculating countless times inside Honjo's womb.

STARS-345 Unforgettable night with a beautiful colleague

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 Quick Link: sextratan.com/8185  sextratan.com/code/STARS-345 

 Movie Code: STARS-345 

 Movie Studio: SOD Create 

 Actor: Suzu Honjo 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Vietsub Sex Movie Adultery Sex Movie Beautiful Girl Sex Movie 

 Keyword: vú to vú bự mông to đít to gái xinh vú đẹp đít bự vú khủng 

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